SPG-AGENCY.CO.ID adalah agency Profesional di JAKARTA dalam menyediakan Sales Promotion Girl (SPG), Usher atau Public Relation (PR) untuk Bekerja Part Time / ada event tertentu untuk Perusahaan Anda. Kami memberikan layanan yang Profesional & sumber daya manusia yang Terlatih & Berpengalaman.

spg jakarta

Kenapa Anda Memilih kami?

SPG JAKARTA Sudah mempunyai Pengalaman dalam menyediakan SPG

  • Sudah Ratusan SPG yang bergabung bersama kami.
  • Kita akan membantu memilihkan SPG sesuai kriteria yang Perusahaan mau.
  • Dengan pengalaman kami dalam Penyediaan Tenaga – Tenaga Pemasaran / Marketing sebagai Frontliner berbagai macam kegiatan Promosi Product ( Brand Activation ).

Kami memberikan layanan yang Profesional & sumber daya manusia yang Terlatih & Berpengalaman

SPG from our own Agency Working principle that you need are: Discipline, On Time, Friendly, Talk Active, and if necessary we also provide SPG BILINGUAL ( Good In English Or Speak Mandarin)
To adapt to your event needs we have prepared a variety of different types SPG are:

1. SPG Event:
Price Rp. 250.000, - s / d Rp. 1.000.000, - / Shift ( 6 Hours)
Exhibition ( Exhibition) , Launcing Product, Distribution Brochure ( Flyering) etc.

2. SPG Counter & Freelance Marketing:
Price Start From Rp. 1.200.000, - / Month s / d Rp. 2.000.000, - / Month
SPG that were placed at the outlet - the outlet of your company ( SPG inii be in the contract as permanent employees)
SPG addition we also provide:

- Model ( Photoshoot & Runway / Catwalk)
* ) For Magazines, Advertising, Photo Hunting, soap opera / Film, Tv Programs, Fashion Show, Brand Ambassador, etc.
- Usher ( Front Desk)
* ) For Wedding, Seminar, Corporate Gathering etc
- Umbrella Girl & Caddie
* ) For the Event - Sport event ( car, motor, Golf) etc.
- LC / GRO / Freelance PR
* ) To place - places like Lounge Entertainment, KTV, Billiard
- MC & Presenter
* ) For Formal and Non-Formal occasions like Wedding, Seminars, Corporate Gathering, Live Music, Birthday Paty etc with different language ( English, Mandarin etc

- Translater & LO
* ) For the translator and a facilitator Guests - Guest important ( Officers etc) & Charger Events ( Artists, etc.)

- Disc Jockey ( DJ) : Female or Male
* ) A variety of genres and musical genres with a budget that is different - different
- Music ( Entertainment) :
* ) Top 40 Band, Singer & Solo Keyboard, Mini Chamber, Percussion ( Goods - Used items Music Traditions & Tools)

- Freestyler ( Basketball, BMX, Skate Board, Soccer, Yoyo, B - Boy & B - Girl)

- Dancer All Category
* ) Street Dance, Modern Dance ( Hip - Hop) , Sexy Dancer, Tematic Dance, Traditional Dance, Ballet, Carnival Dance ( Salsa, Latin, Tango) , Ballrom Dance ( Waltz) , Belly Dance, Cabaret Dance etc

Price - the price we offer is very diverse so it can adjust to your budget. And get Special Package - SPECIAL & Affordable Promo Package.

Our advantages when compared with the Agency' s right - another agency. namely:
1. Photos from our SPG SPG is a real form of the Composite Photos without Make - Up, Re Touch so the client can see the original performance SPG.
Agency - other agencies, many use Photo Studio to edit a lot of ( Re - Touch) as a presentation but as events take turns SPG does not match his photos or different physical Far too often disappointed clients.
2. We have a legal entity and office clear that there will be no deviation - deviation that can be detrimental to the Client. So the more assured about Honor SPG.
It often happens Honor SPG is not paid by the agency and DP Client Money deviation. Because the Agency they will only individual or agency without the address is not clear.
3. With Data Base that we have more data to 5000 were gathered from 2007 to 2010 so that we can provide a number of SPG to Hundreds in one event at a time. And clients can choose the appropriate SPG.